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Posted: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 15:39
SEAMEO BIOTROP celebrates its 41st Anniversary - 434 time(s) visited
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In the frame of the 41st Anniversary of SEAMEO BIOTROP with the theme “Goes to A Brighter Future”, a series of activities was conducted among others:
1.  'Clean Friday' (06 February 2009)
2.  Talk Show aired by RRI Bogor (6 February 2009)
3.  Seminar on DIPA Research Results (17 February 2009)
4.  Bazaar, Blood Donor (19 February 2009)
5.  Mass circumcision (20 February 2009)
6.  Talk Show aired by Megaswara Radio (19 February 2009)
7.  Remote Sensing & GIS for Student (22 February 2009)
8.  Greening and planting of trees (22 February 2009)
9. Thanksgiving (31 March 2009)

The start of the Clean Friday activities which conducted on 6 February 2009, took place at the Center’s Conference Hall and led by Mr. Asep Hidayat Syarif, SE, HRM Unit Head. This event was attended by the Center’s Director Dr. Bambang Purwantara, Dr.Ir. Irdika Mansur, M.For.Sc, DDRMC and all BIOTROP staff.

At the opening speech Dr.  Bambang Purwantara said that as a regional / international centre, SEAMEO BIOTROP is expected to become a centre of excellence which could   compete with the other regional / international centres and establish a network (networking) to cooperate with various organizations from different countries. In its Eight Five-Year-Development-Plan (2007-2012), SEAMEO BIOTROP set five basic programs (Program thrust) for the research, namely:
1. Management of Pests and Diseases
   - Invasive Alien Plant Species
   - Aflatoxin
2. Biosystematics
3. Natural Products and Waste Management
4. Management of Coastal and Water Ecosystems
5. Biotechnology

Before the start of the ‘Clean Friday’ activities Ust. Dr. Hasim DEA, Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, IPB presented his spiritual thoughts, while Dr. Supriyanto as the chairman of the committee addressed the audience. The aim of this activity is to further increase the sense of togetherness among the staff.

In addition to the ‘Clean Friday’ activities, a ‘Talk Show ‘ was broadcasted by RRI Bogor.   The purpose of the ‘Talk Show’ was to disseminate BIOTROP activities to the public. Materials presented include "What is BIOTROP ', activities that have been conducted, and current issues such as aflatoxin, RCE activities, Bogor Science Park and others.

During the broadcast Dr. Bambang Purwantara was accompanied by Dr.Ir. Irdika Mansur, M.For.Sc, Dr. Okky S. Dharmaputra, Dr. Hartrisari H. Events are broadcast directly through the FM 93.75 PRO 1 RRI Bogor. Many more series of activities will be held in the framework of SEAMEO Birthday Anniversary Celebration.