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Posted: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 14:39
Cooperation between BATAN and SEAMEO BIOTROP on Sorghum Research - 372 time(s) visited
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Sorghum (Sorghum bicolour L.) is a plant species of the grass family Poaceae. It is cultivated as grain for human consumption and animal feed and has great importance as food security crop. The species originated from northern Africa and can grow in arid soils and withstand prolonged droughts. Sorghum ranks the fifth among the food crops in the world after wheat, paddy, corn, and barley, while in the USA it is the third. Thus, sorghum could be used as an alternative food crop aside from rice, corn, cassava and sago.  Other uses of sorghum are for ethanol (stem and seeds), industries such as paper (fibers), degraded plastic, and media for mushroom culture (stem and seeds). 

BATAN has already developed the sorghum breeding program and produced several promising strains which could grow on dry ,  saline as well as acid soils.  Adaptation tests have been conducted in various places such as Tangerang, Gunung Kidul, Lampung, and East Kalimantan with very significant results.

Dr. Hudi Hastowo, Head of BATAN accompanied by Dr. Listyani Wijayanti,  Expert in food and health technology of the Ministry of Research and Technology, Jakarta,  visited BIOTROP on 30 June 2009.  The guests were received and introduced to BIOTROP staff by the Center Director Dr. Bambang Purwantara.  Among BIOTROP staff who welcomed the visitors were BIOTROP scientists and unit Heads.    Presentation on the program and activities of sorghum research carried out at BATAN was delivered by Dr. Soeranto Hoeman, while Dr. Supriyanto, researcher of SEAMEO BIOTROP, presented presentation on sorghum research at BIOTROP.  Discussions were held on the planned cooperative program on sorghum research, trainings and workshop to be conducted.  The visit was concluded with a campus tour to BIOTROP sorghum field and other research facilities.

SEAMEO BIOTROP in cooperation with BATAN will conduct researches on Sorghum BATAN strains in Bogor.  Testing on sorghum breeding will be done using  the following  methods : Crop rotation test with teak and jatropha;  mycorrhizal test; and production test using bio-charcoal technology  SEAMEO BIOTROP and BATAN will invite other national, regional or international   research institutions to cooperate in the development of sorghum in Indonesia, in particular for the Development of “Left behind” Regions (known as  Pembangunan Daerah Tertinggal) which generally have marginal areas  or critical areas.