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Posted: Mon, 06 Dec 2010 07:54
SEAMEO BIOTROP trains 32 lecturers and researchers on biocharcoal technology - 322 time(s) visited
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A total of 32 participants from universities and government agencies from 6 provinces in Indonesia completed SEAMEO BIOTROP’s training course on Biocharcoal Technology for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry Development.  The training was held on 29 November-1 December 2010 at SEAMEO BIOTROP’s headquarter in Bogor.

The training coursewas aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of the participants in developing and utilizing bio-charcoal technology in various aspects of agriculture and forestry, land management, and climate change mitigation.
In his speech during the opening program, Dr. Jesus C. Fernandez, SEAMEO BIOTROP Deputy Director for Programs and Marketing, emphasized the significant role of biocharcoal as soil enhancer for better productivity and its potential for minimizing soil gas emission.  He saidthat the training course is a manifestation of the Centre’s desire to advocate the benefits of biocharcoal and share the results of  its research experiences on biocharcoal technology.  SEAMEO BIOTROP is, in fact, a member of the International Biocharcoal Network and is being represented by Dr. Supriyanto, the training course coordinator.

Aside from Dr. Supriyanto, the pool of resources persons included Dr. Lailan Syaufina from the Faculty of Forestry  of the Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), and  Dr. Ir. Chairil Anwar Siregar and I Wayan S. Darmawan, S. Hut, Msi, from the Forestry Research and Development Agency  of the  Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia.

The training course consisted of lecture discussions and  a field trip to PT Agro-Tekno Nusantara where biocharcoal technology is widely used.  The course topics included (a) Prospects and Practical Use of Biocharcoal for Agriculture and Forestry Development, (b) Potentials of Biocharcoal for Carbon Sequestration  for Climate Change Mitigation, (c) Biocharcoal Potentials from  Impacts of Forest Fires, (d) Theory and Practice in Using Biocharcoal for Endomychorriza  and agricultural crop Production, and (e) The Practice of Making Biocharcoal Using Simple Energy-Saving Stove.

The participants came from IPB, Biotechnology Research Institute, Cibodas Botanical Gardens (LIPI), University of Papua, Lampung University, University of North Sumatra, Jambi University, University of Winaya Mukti Bandung, University of Haluoleo Kendari, Forestry Research Institute Ciamis, ICRP, Gunung Walat Education Forest and SEAMEO BIOTROP. At the end, the participants agreed to develop a network called Communication Forum on Indonesian Biocharcoal Network. Some project ideas were also identified and will be implemented in their respective institutions. (YK and JF)