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Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 13:53
2nd “Training for Impact” Seminar Series conducted for SEAMEO BIOTROP staff - 259 time(s) visited
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SEAMEO BIOTROP Deputy Director for Programme and Marketing, Dr. Jess C. Fernandez, gave a talk on “Organizing and Implementing Training Courses Effectively” to Centre scientists and administrative staff on 8 April 2011.  The talk was the second in the series of seminars on “Training for Impact” as part of the Centre’s in-house staff development.

The seminar was aimed to improve the working knowledge of the Centre staff on how to effectively handle the various activities and concerns throughout the three training
phases i.e., pre-, during, and post-training phases.

On discussing the “pre-training phase”, Dr. Fernandez shared some important considerations in  (1) training course announcement, (2) formation of training management team, (3) selection and acceptance of participants, (4) Invitation of resource persons and levelling off, (5) training materials preparation, and (5) other logistical preparations.

As regards “during-training phase”, Dr Fernandez focused on 4 aspects that should be properly managed by the staff, namely:  (1) training facilities, equipment, and materials, (2) training schedule and activities, (3) resource persons, and (4) trainees.

“The post-training phase is as important as the two previous phases to ensure full training success,” emphasized Dr Fernandez as he discussed the activities that comprise this last training phase. Such activities include (1) analyzing training evaluation results, (2) compiling training materials and outputs,  (3) writing the completion report, (4) reconciling training expenses and  (4) feedbacking to resource persons and donors.

Through the seminar,  the staff can now formulate a checklist  to guide the organization and implementation of pre-, during- and post-training activities.