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Posted: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 18:11
SEAMEO BIOTROP and SEAMEO SEARCA have conducted the Governing Board Meeting and Seminar-Workshop on “State-of-the-Art of Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia” - 297 time(s) visited
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Development of capability and quality of human resources in Southeast Asia are very important in responding to global changes and challenges. SEAMEO, The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization, plays an important role, through capacity building and specialization of each center  actively involved in the development of human resources in Southeast Asia.

This was delivered by Prof. Khairil Anwar Notodiputro, Head of the Office for Research and Development of the Ministry of National Education the Republic of Indonesia, representing the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia, in his opening address of the Governing Board Meeting of the two SEAMEO Centers i.e SEAMEO BIOTROP and SEAMEO SEARCA which was held coincidently with the opening ceremony of the International Seminar-workshop with the theme ‘State of The Art of Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia: Focus on Indonesian Agriculture Sector’, October 17, 2011 at Kuta Paradiso Hotel, Bali - Indonesia.

Furthermore, Prof. Khairil Anwar Notodiputro, emphasized that the cooperation among the Centres and government support are very important to carry out their activities. The contribution of SEAMEO includes the development of knowledge through research, training, seminars and workshops. This is in line with the triangle concept launched by Ministry of National Education, i.e. every activities must be conducted in an integrated manner resources sharing and to optimize the application of information technology and communications.

Prof. Suryo Hapsoro Tri Utomo, Director of Research and Community Service, the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia, in his remarks welcomed the implementation of this one-day seminar which is held as a result of cooperation between SEAMEO BIOTROP, SEAMEO SEARCA and the Government of Indonesia. Cooperation among these centers should be continued and strengthened in various fields for the benefit of national, regional and international interest. Responding to climate changes, mitigation efforts and adaptation require the cooperation of various parties including government, education and research institutions, private sectors and community observers to formulate policies, to be applied in the effective programs to minimize their impact on the agricultural sector. The agricultural sector is one of the main sectors involved in economic activities in Indonesia.

In line with which was delivered by Prof. Khairil Anwar Notodiputro and Prof. Suryo Hapsoro Tri Utomo, Dr. Bambang Purwantara, the Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP, said that SEAMEO BIOTROP plays an important role in encouraging cooperation among centers as a result of the Inter-Center Collaboration Workshop held in 2008 in Bogor. Since then, SEAMEO BIOTROP has actively established and enhanced collaboration among centers through various research activities, training, seminars and workshops. In 2010, BIOTROP and SEARCA convened LEAP-SEA, a workshop for top level management of higher education, which was  continued with the Regional Workshop on Agro-Biotechnology for Media, in Jakarta, in August 2010. In November 2011, the two centers will collaborate with the ISAAA to host the Asian Biosafety Workshop in Bangkok.

Now, SEAMEO BIOTROP is heading to its 9th Five-Year Development Plan starting 2012. SEAMEO BIOTROP will concentrate on two major program thrusts on tropical biology for community welfare and tropical biology for environmental integrity. Climate change is a cross-cutting theme within these programs.

This one day seminar aimed to assess and formulate the status of the programs carried out in responding to climate changes in Southeast Asia. The seminar was expected to produce an effective policy formulation which can be elaborated and implemented in facing the impacts of climate changes, especially on Indonesia’s agricultural sector. The participants came from various educational institutions, NGOs as well as national and international practitioners. The experts from various national and international institutions in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia were the speakers and discussants in this activity.

The Governing Board Meeting held annually is aimed to evaluate the achieved performance of the past year and to formulate action plans of SEAMEO Centre for the next year. For the year 2011, the Governing Board Meeting of SEARCA and the Governing Board Meeting of BIOTROP held at the same time and place, at the Kuta Paradiso Hotel, Bali from 18 to 20 October 2011. During this event, the Governing Board meeting discussed SEAMEO Centre accountability report for fiscal year 2010-2011 (June 1, 2010 - July 31, 2011), and the work plan for the next one year.