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Posted: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 22:29
22 Participants Complete BIOTROP’s Regional Training Course on Prevention and Control of Mycotoxins in Food and Feedstuff - 377 time(s) visited
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SEAMEO BIOTROP trained 22 participants from government research institutions and universities, and  private food and feed companies from Indonesia,  Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam on the Prevention and Control of Mycotoxins in Food and Feed Stuff from 22 to 26 November 2011 at its headquarter in Bogor, Indonesia.  

This regional training course was generally aimed to equip the participants with basic and applied  knowledge and skills on the techniques for the analysis, prevention and control of mycotoxins in food and feedstuff.  Specifically, at the end of the training, the participants were expected to be able to (1) identify the factors affecting fungal growth and mycotoxin contamination in food and feedstuff; (2) isolate, enumerate and identify fungi infecting food and feedstuff;  (3) analyze mycotoxins in food and feedstuff; and (4) practice appropriate methods to prevent and control mycotoxin contaminations in food and feedstuff.

The training course consisted of lecture-discussions and laboratory exercises on the following topics:

● Overview of mycotoxin problems of food and feedstuff in Southeast Asia
● Regulation and level of mycotoxin contamination around the world
● Transportation and subsistence farming in relation to mycotoxin contamination
● Prevention and control spoilage fungi in food and feedstuff
● Fungal isolation, enumeration and identification
● Quality assurance in mycotoxin analysis

Resource persons and instructors were from SEAMEO BIOTROP, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia; authorized distributors of mycotoxin analyses instruments (i.e., AGILENT and VICAM),  and from School of Biological Sciences of Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia.

As a course major output, the participants came up with individual action plans on how they will apply the knowledge and skills gained from the training. The participants were also able to develop informal mechanism to sustain the exchange of knowledge and information among them on the analysis, prevention and control mycotoxins in food and feedstuff.

The training course was coordinated by Prof. Dr. Okky Setyawati Dharmaputra, SEAMEO BIOTROP’s in-house expert in mycotoxins.