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Posted: Thu, 09 Feb 2012 15:07
BIOTROP to provide technical assistance to PT Intiland’s “Graha Natura” Project - 251 time(s) visited
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SEAMEO BIOTROP recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT Intiland Grande towards conserving exotic and indigenous tree species in the latter’s Graha Natura Project, a posh residential area in West Surabaya, Indonesia.

PT Intiland is one of the leading landholding companies in Indonesia that builds residences, apartments, commercial and office facilities, and industrial parks for  mid-level families and business companies and entrepreneurs all over the country since 1992.  Graha Natura is the newest project of PT Intiland Grande, a subsidiary of PT Intiland,  aimed at providing a harmonious blend of eco-friendly, healthy and technology-based living environment to its occupants.

In his speech during the project’s launching on 26 January 2012,  Mr. Sinarto Dharmawan, PT Intiland Grande’s Vice President Director and Chief Operating Officer, said that Graha Natura is envisioned to become a green residence and a conservation sanctuary for exotic and indigenous tree species in Indonesia especially those that are threatened.  As a pioneering effort in Indonesia, PT Intiland Grande targets to plant at least 1,000 out of the 4,000 tree species existing in Indonesia in Graha Natura’s open green spaces within its 100 hectarage.  Aside from being a residential project, Graha Natura is also expected to become an eco-tourism destination and a “living classroom” about biodiversity conservation among the people of Surabaya and nearby provinces within East Java.

Under the MoU, SEAMEO BIOTROP is expected to extend technical assistance to PT Intiland Grande  towards building the capacity of the company’s personnel in the proper selection of tree species, nursery establishment and management, and tree health monitoring and management. SEAMEO BIOTROP Deputy Directors, Dr. Jess C. Fernandez and Dr. Irdika Mansur, represented the Centre during the launching of the project and signing of MoU.

In giving the remarks on behalf of the Centre, Dr. Fernandez recognized Graha Natura Project as one example of an out-of-the-box and win-win solution to help conserve  exotic and indigenous tree species and promote biodiversity.  This concept  ensures that the trees could be well taken care of by the residents and management of the housing project.  In return, these trees could enhance the economic, aesthetic, and environmental values of any residential area.  On the other hand, Dr. Irdika lent his technical expertise on describing some of the exotic and indigenous tree species that would be part of the landscape of Graha Natura.

The collaboration between BIOTROP and PT Intiland Grande is in effect for six months.  Both institutions hope that their efforts would be a precedent for other real property companies in Indonesia to take on towards promoting better environments and healthy living conditions in their residential projects.(JF)