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Posted: Mon, 02 Mar 2015 11:48
BIOTROP Opens Knowledge and Technology One-Stop Shop to the Public - 497 time(s) visited
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BIOTROP’s technologies and knowledge products and services are now easily accessible to the public everyday!  This is made possible with the opening of the Centre’s Knowledge and Technology One-Stop Shop on 23 February 2015 as part of its 47th anniversary celebration. 

The shop’s inauguration was officiated by SEAMES Director Dr. Witaya Jeradechakul.  He was joined by BIOTROP officials namely: Dr. Irdika Mansur (Director), Prof. Bambang Purwantara (former Director), Dr. Jess C. Fernandez (Deputy Director for Program), and Prof. Wong Sek Man (Governing Board Member from Singapore). 

Located at BIOTROP campus in Bogor, the shop is one among the Centre’s 15 special initiatives under its 9th Five-Year Development Plan (2012-2017).  The shop was conceptualized in response to the information needs about the Centre from its various visitors.  BIOTROP receives an average of 600 visitors yearly consisting of students, teachers, private entrepreneurs, researchers, government officials, and community residents.

The shop showcases BIOTROP’s technologies and knowledge products for public consumption.  It is also expected to promote better understanding and appreciation of the real values of tropical biology among BIOTROP clients and partners in accordance to the Centre’s vision statement.

The shop features a display area, an orientation room that could accommodate about 25 people, and a lounge area where visitors can relax and take some snacks after going through the display and/or receiving an orientation on the Centre’s products and services.  The shop also provides a corner that will specifically feature either a research partner-institution or a private entrepreneur per month to also promote its products and services.  Free technical consultations with the Centre’s scientists and research staff will also be available to the public at the shop on a scheduled basis.