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Posted: Wed, 20 Nov 2019 10:35
Timor Leste Looks Upon SEAMEO BIOTROP to Develop Agriculture - 185 time(s) visited
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Mr Hitu Calvalho de Jesus, the Education Attaché of Democratic Republic of Timor Leste  Embassy for Indonesia visited SEAMEO BIOTROP Bogor on 13 November 2019 to explore collaborations possibilities between Timor Leste and SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia, in particular on education development in Timor Leste.   This objective was broken down into three important issues, i.e. 1) Agriculture Development based on Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing; 2) Development of Economic Agriculture, Countryside and Region; and 3) Joint Research. 

The visit of Mr Calvalho to SEAMEO BIOTROP was greeted by Dr Irdika Mansur, Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP;  Dr Zulhamsyah Imran, Deputy Director for Administration; Dr Aslan, Acting Deputy Director for Program; Dr Jesus Fernandez, Deputy Director for Program of SEAMEO RECFON; Ms Prakaikan Schneit, Deputy Director for Program of SEAMEO SEAMOLEC; Dr Bambang Indriyanto, Director of SEAMEO QITEP in Language; Mr Suharmoko, Deputy Director for Administration of SEAMEO QITEP in Language; Mr Rizwan Darmawan, Secretary to BOD of SEAMEO QITEP in Science; and Mr. R. Lufky Muhammad, Head of Operation of SEAMEO CECCEP.

In this visit, Mr Calvalho was accompanied by Ms Deni Sekarsari, Staff of Education Attaché.  During the introduction session, each SEAMEO Centre presented their brief profiles as well as expressed their willingness to establish collaborations with Timor Leste in accordance with the respective Centre’s expertise.  In this session, Dr Irdika highlighted the Centre’s SMARTS-BE Program in developing school garden and entrepreneurship skill of vocational school students. Dr Irdika also mentioned about the Centre’s experience in developing collaboration with ETCI (East Timor Coffee Institute).  In completing the explanation about the Centre’s programs, Dr Irdika led a campus tour to visit Natural Product, Tissue Culture and Entomology Laboratories, Mushroom Cultivation and Hydroponic Units, as well as nurseries and research field of the SMARTS-BE program.

Upon intensely listened to presentations in the meeting room and in campus tour, Mr Calvalho expressed his interest to implement School Garden Program in Timor Leste to increase agricultural production, which was enthusiastically welcomed by all representatives of SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia followed by a more detailed discussion during a lunch-meeting thereafter.  As immediate action plan, SEAMEO BIOTROP is going to visit Timor Leste for preparing a more comprehensive collaboration master plan.