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Posted: Mon, 16 Dec 2019 12:31
BIOTROP Media Day, An Event to Disseminate Knowledge - 271 time(s) visited
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SEAMEO BIOTROP shared its knowledge and expertise on tropical biology, especially in terms of research activities and human resource capacity, during its media day on 04 December 2019 in its Campus in Bogor. This activity was also intended to build partnerships with the mass media. A total of 33 journalists from 31 national and local mass media joined this activity.

BIOTROP, established on 06 February 1968, is one of the regional centres of SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation) which focuses on the sustainable use of tropical biology. The Centre has three main mandates, i.e., 1) research in the field of tropical biology, 2) increasing the capacity of human resources in the field of tropical biology, and 3) dissemination of information in the field of tropical biology. Implementation of these mandates refers to the Centre’s programme thrusts, namely: 1) restoration of degraded ecosystems, 2) sustainable management of ecosystems/landscapes that are used intensively, and 3) conservation and sustainable use of unique ecosystems/landscapes with high biodiversity.

"For the past 51 years, we have conducted many research and training courses to encourage capacity building improvement of the Southeast Asian community, particularly Indonesian society. Through this event, we hope that mass media could help us spread what we have to the public. We want that our knowledge and technology are not only stored in the library or documentation room, but they must be able to be utilised by the community," said Dr Irdika Mansur, BIOTROP’s Director, in his remarks.

During the activity, the Centre introduced four excellent programmes by featuring its experts: 1) School Garden and Urban Agriculture, by Dr Irdika Mansur, 2) Research and Development of Tissue Culture Techniques for Provision of Plant Seedlings at SEAMEO BIOTROP, by Dr Erina Sulistiani, 3) Food Mushroom Cultivation, by Samsul A. Yani, and 4) SMARTS-BE, by Dr Supriyanto.

In addition to presentation sessions, all journalists were also invited to tour the Centre’s facilities.