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Posted: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 17:01
20 UGM college students come to BIOTROP - 363 time(s) visited
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Some 20 college students from the Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, visited SEAMEO BIOTROP in 18 June 2008.

The visit to SEAMEO BIOTROP was part of their field visit related to their course in introducing the relationship between biology and the natural world. It is especially intended to make the students develop an understanding of the utilization of biotechnology for the benefit of human beings.

Ms. Rima Febrianti from General Administration Unit of BIOTROP welcomed the group while Ms. Tika Tresnawati from Information Resources Unit of BIOTROP gave a power point presentation of the programs and projects of the Center. Mrs. Santi Ambarwati, Technical Manager of Services Laboratory informed the group about the activities of BIOTROP Services Laboratory.

A brief discussion on the BIOTROP activities followed the presentation, after which a tour of the BIOTROP Services Laboratory as well as teak nursery was conducted by the group.