Proceedings: Symposium on the Long-term Effects of Logging in Southeast Asia

R.S. Suparto, I. Soerianegara, Z. Hamzah, H. Haeruman, S. Hadi, S. Manan, H. Basjarudin, W. Sukotjo , 1975


The Symposium on the Long Term Effects of Loggin in Southeast Asia was held in darmaga, Bogor, on June 24-27, 1975. It was jointly organized by the SEAMEO Regional Center for Tropical Biology (BIOTROP), and the Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). The Symposium was inaugurated by the Minister of Education & Culture of the Republic of Indonesia and attended by 50 registered participants, and observers.

This volume contains 19 contributed papers and recommendations. They were presented in the Symposium under the broad headings of the following aspects: Community, Soil and Hydrology, Resiudal Stand, and Wildlife. Some papers were submitted in abstract form while other were without abstracts.

The editors wish to acknowledge the assistance of Mr. Hasan Basjarudin, Dr. Norman Johnson and prof. A.N. Rao in preparing the conclusions and recommendations and Miss Lilian B. Ungson and Mr. Tri Binarko Suselo in proofreading.

It is hoped that these papers could provide information for a better management of forest resources in Southeast Asia.

To His Excellency the Minister of Education & Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for his willingness to open the Symposium and to the Director general of Forestry, Department of Agriculture of Republic of Indonesia for his Keynote Address

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