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Development of Tris Soy Modified Diluent for Preserving Bull Semen
Researcher : T. L. Yusuf, I. Arifiantini
Published : 2009
Group :Other Areas
Full Report : Special request
Abstract :
In many years, glycerol and several egg yolk and milk low density lipoproteins have been the most common cryoprotectants to preserve bull semen. Recently, commercial AI companies introduced the new generation of cryoprotectans, lecithin based diluents, which have cryoprotective properties such as  Biociphos (IMV, L’Aigle, France) and Andromed (Minitub, Germany).  Since the commercial diluents were imported, often stocks were not readily available. This research aimed to develop Tris-soy modified diluents, and investigated the diluents for their effects on the quality and fertility of Frisian Holstein (FH) bulls frozen semen. This research consist of 3 in vitro experiment which is determination of soy milk concentration in Tris diluent to preserve liquid bull semen, optimization  the use of Soy Milk in Tris and Citrate Buffers, comparison of FH Bull frozen semen quality in modified tris soy milk (TSM),  Andromed® and Tris-eggyolk (TEY) diluents and in vivo fertility trials of semen diluted in TSM, Andromed®, and TEY.
Result of the experiment I,  demonstated that semen extended with 2.5% TSM showed  the best sperm motility percentage than those extended with 3.75%, 5%, or 6.25%.  Result of experiment II,  demonstrated at the end of storage  TEY had the highest sperm motility (35.62±3.53%), followed by semen extended with CEY (30.00±1.53%), and the lowest sperm motile  was in semen extended with TSM (3.90±3.45%) or CEY (1.50±2.05%). Three extenders used in frozen semen trial were TEY, TSM and Andromed. The  post thawed sperm motility in those preserved with TEY (49.10%) or Andromed (50.21%) was significantly higher (p<0.05) than those preserved with TSM (41,53%).  The conception rates in cows inseminated with semen preserved with SMT, EYT, and Andromed were 53.84% (7/13), 38.88% (5/13), and 38.46% (7/19), respectively.   We are optimistic about modified soy lecithin diluents will have similar qualities with Tris Egg yolk and Andromed on preserving frozen semen by doing future intensive studies. These plans will contribute to the Artificial Insemination Centers, thus, indirectly will increase cattle population in Indonesia.