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"Landscaping" as Project Based Learning: Creating an Artistic School Gardens Contextual and Integrated Learning Media in SMPN 13 Kota Sukabumi
Researcher : SM. Agustine, Santika, L. Lindawati, T. Herliandini
Published : 2018
Group :Other Areas
Full Report : Download
Abstract :
This research is about to create a school garden landscape with sources derived from the work of students in several subjects. This research is done to see that school gardens can be a unifying theme between subjects, and school gardens can be a contextual and integrated learning media. The subjects involved in this research are Science and Craft. The results created are expected to be used as learning media for other subjects, such as language, cultural arts, mathematics and others.
This research was carried out by adjusting the mandate of SMPN 13 Kota Sukabumi as an art-fostered school in Sukabumi, for which school garden arrangement is expected to support the existence of pre-existing art facilities, namely open stage in the middle of the school garden that is given treatment.
This study involves students in several parts, especially the results of science learning in plant classification material and capillary use in planting with a simple hydroponic system. Also Craft subjects, in the material cultivation of fruit and vegetable plants, and handicrafts made from hard materials.