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Data Base Development of Invasive Alien Plant Species in Indonesia (Phase II)
Researcher : S. S. Tjitrosoedirdjo, S. Tjitrosemito, I. Mawardi, Setiabudi, N. Suminah, Pudjantoro
Published : 2007
Group :Biodiversity
Full Report : Special request
Abstract :

An inventory of the alien plant species in Indonesia based on collected information and herbarium specimens was concluded that there were 1936 alien plant species found in Indonesia, which belonging to 187 families. These alien plant species can be beneficial or may have a potential of being invasive. Among the total record of alien plants, there were 339 species or 17 % of the species recorded as weeds or indicated to be invasive. Out of 339 invasive species, 170 species of IAPS (Invasive Alien Plant Species) had been accommodated in the database, the rest i.e. 169 species have been includd at the second phase of the project in 2007. This interactive project on Indonesian IAPS database was aimed at collating, organizing and making available on the internet all published information on relevant aspect on biology, ecology, origin, invaded habitat, control, distribution and references of IAPS in Indonesia in user friendly type. A prototype of interactive IAPS Database will be available at the web-site with several improvements on their fields.