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Estimation of Coral Reef Fish Stock using High Resolution Satellite Image: Preliminary Study
Researcher : V.P. Siregar
Published : 2006
Group :Fishery
Full Report : Special request
Abstract :
The prospect of the utilization of high resolution satellite data for assessing coral fish stock is discussed in this paper. High resolution satellite data is able to map the distribution of coral reefs and its condition with moderate accuracy at shallow water. Coral reef condition includes the percentage of coral coverage (CC-%). Shallow water was mapped using bathymetric model (Lyzenga, 1978), and fish density and standing stock were calculated using equation developed by Amesbury et al, 1982. The study conducted at Karimunjawa Island on July 2004 where the water where at that time turbidity varies from medium to high. The result showed that the correlation between CC-% and number of fish is not significant enough at all depths. Major fish and CC (%) at all depths did not also show a good correlation. Meanwhile, CC (%) merely correlates with indicator fish at a depth of 1-5 m, and with target fish at depth of 5-10 m. The standing stock of coral fish at different depth was counted, accordingly. Even though the result showed that the coral fish has no high correlation with coral condition, however, this study showed the prospect of using high resolution satellite data to assess coral fish stock at shallow water.

Keyword: coral fish, abundance, satellite data, high resolution