Internship Program


The Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (BIOTROP) is one of the 24 centres of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO). It was established in 1968 to promote tropical biology for development in the region through research, training, and information exchange.

Among BIOTROP’s capacity building goal is providing students’ internship for high schools’ and universities’ students. The students can either  (a) thesis students and (b) "on-the-job” or practicum students. In general, all of them shall be referred to as SEAMEO BIOTROP Student Interns.

Classification of SEAMEO BIOTROP Student Interns

SEAMEO BIOTROP Student Interns may fall into any of the following categories:

Thesis Students: those who need to complete a research thesis as a requirement for either an undergraduate or graduate (masteral or doctoral) degree. They may come to SEAMEO BIOTROP, with or without research funds, to avail themselves of technical guidance from in-house scientists and/or use of laboratory facilities. The period of their research work maybe from 1 to 12 months which can be extended as needed.

On-the-job/practicum students: usually undergraduate students who are required to acquire some course credits for graduation. These credits are earned either by completing certain numbers on-the-job exposures or specific outputs related to their field of specialization as required by their respective degree programs. The period for being on-the-job may run from 2 weeks up to a maximum of 2 months.

Application Process

Any student who is interested to become a SEAMEO BIOTROP Student Intern must:

  1. Be familiar with the General Terms and Conditions regarding the kind of internship he/she would like to have at SEAMEO BIOTROP.
  2. Fill up the appropriate application form below and submit to SEAMEO BIOTROP Human Resource Management Department via email
  1. Secure endorsement letter from his/her adviser addressed to the Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP.
  2. If accepted, the student must sign an agreement letter and submit original copies of all required documents to SEAMEO BIOTROP Human Resource Management Department at email address:


General Terms and Conditions

Application and Approval Process

  1. An applicant must fully accomplish the prescribed Application Form (i.e. for Thesis Students or On-the-Job/Practicum Students) and submit it through email to the Human Resource Management Department of SEAMEO BIOTROP together with the required attachments as follows:
    • A copy of research/activity proposal (for thesis students only) approved by the academic/office supervisors with research schedule.
    • A maximum of 3-page copy of curriculum vitae.
    • A 4 x 6 cm photo of the student’s.
    • A letter of endorsement/recommendation from academic adviser addressed to the Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP.
  2. SEAMEO BIOTROP will inform the applicant on the status of his/her application two (2) weeks after the receipt of all accomplished application form and attachments.
  3. SEAMEO BIOTROP will send confirmation letter and the Internship Agreement Form to the applicant, if his/her application is accepted. The confirmation letter and Internship Agreement contain basic information on the terms of reference of the internship and other logistical arrangements in relation to the student’s travel and stay at SEAMEO BIOTROP.
  4. Upon receiving confirmation letter and Internship Agreement Form from SEAMEO BIOTROP, the student shall submit the following documents to SEAMEO BIOTROP Human Resource Management Unit Head:
    • Copy of the Internship Agreement Form, duly signed by him/her and his/her academic supervisor
    • Copy of the original letter of recommendation from his/her academic supervisor.
    • Photocopy of his/her student ID
  5. SEAMEO BIOTROP shall assign the appropriate scientist/unit head with whom the student will be working with as his/her mentor throughout his/her internship at the Centre.
  6. On the other hand, if SEAMEO BIOTROP finds that the application is not within its program thrusts and mandate, the applicant will also be notified and may give referral to other relevant organizations where possible.


Any Student Intern in SEAMEO BIOTROP  can be provided the following support from SEAMEO BIOTROP:

  1. Technical assistance from concerned scientists/unit heads
  2. Administrative support in terms of:
    • ccess to Centre library and other library resources
    • Use of office facilities and equipment (room, vehicle, computer and printer, photocopying machine) and services (email, website, fax) with appropriate charges where applicable

Reporting and Expected Outputs

Upon completion of internship, all Student Interns  of  SEAMEO BIOTROP are expected to:

  1. Submit a written report of his/her accomplishments while conducting internship with SEAMEO BIOTROP, including copies of all outputs produced;
  2. Present his/her research results (for Thesis Students only) to SEAMEO BIOTROP’s staff before returning home to his/her home or work station.

Adherence to SEAMEO BIOTROP’s Policies

All  Student Interns of SEAMEO BIOTROP are expected to follow all SEAMEO BIOTROP’s policies throughout their internship period.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Changes in the stipulations in the Internship Agreement can be made initiated by either the student, his/her academic adviser, or SEAMEO BIOTROP’s management anytime during the internship period if necessary. Changes shall be made in writing and concurred by all concerned. Revised copies of the agreement shall be distributed to the SEAMEO BIOTROP’s Student Intern, his/her academic adviser, and all relevant scientists/managers and administrative units.

Termination of Internship

SEAMEO BIOTROP has the right to terminate the internship agreement when there is evidence of unsatisfactory progress by the Student Intern of SEAMEO BIOTROP over a prolonged period. This could be done by the concerned scientist/unit head in writing addressed to the Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP, stating justification of the termination. A copy of the letter shall also be sent to the Student Intern and his/her academic adviser. A written approval of the Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP is required before the termination could be enforced.


SEAMEO BIOTROP could provide either a letter or certificate, upon request of the Student Intern, confirming his/her internship with the Centre. This letter or certificate shall be addressed to “Whom it May Concern” containing the objectives, dates, duration and key activities and achievements of the   Student Intern during his/her internship with the Centre.

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