A Practical Guide to Mushroom Pharming

Renato G. Reyes, Sofronio P. Kalaw, Dana G. Vera Cruz, Kanya Tokunaga, Ryo Sumi, Nobuo Mori, Fumio Eguchi, 2018


This book was written in response to the need of the mushroom industry to have a simple, comprehensive and practical guide on spawn and mushroom production. It consists of the basic and applied aspects of mushroom science and technology. In the first part of the book, the readers are introduce to the world of mushrooms particularly their structure, reproductive biology, biological classification and nutrition. It also provides information regarding the nutritional composition and medicinal attributes of mushrooms. The different species of mushrooms that can be cultivated on various lignocellulosic substrates are also highlighted. The latter part presented the detailed procedure in the preparation of culture media, grain spawn production, and substrate preparation, problems in mushroom production and recommended solutions and economics of mushroom production.

The book goes beyond the traditional knowledge that mushrooms are only regarded as culinary ingredients. The information presented confirms that mushrooms are excellent sources of nutraceuticals. The authors were able to structure and design the book in such a way that even those who are not mushroomologists can understand and easily follow the procedure in mushroom pharming.

This book emphasizes the importance of science behind the art of mushroom pharming.

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