BIO Courier Vol. 24 No.2 (Apr - Jun 2022)

KPCU, 2022


Greetings from SEAMEO BIOTROP!

Here  we  are...   Arriving  at  the  second quarter  of  2022  with  a  new  spirit!

In this quarter, the pandemic has been declining a little bit. Therefore, we were able to pursue several activities which involve face-to-face events.  

We were honored to be visited by Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Dr (HC) Ir Airlangga Hartarto, MBA, MMT to our booth during the Panen Raya Nusantara in Lapangan Banteng Jakarta.  The Minister was very impressed with the achievement of SEAMEO BIOTROP’s Tissue Culture Laboratory for producing seedlings of food commodities using the tissue culture technique. SEAMEO BIOTROP also initiates the Agro-Eco-Edu Tourism program by conducting a “Workshop on Developing Multi-Stakeholders Collaboration on SEAMEO BIOTROP Agro-Eco-Edu Tourism Program in Supporting Education for Biodiversity Conservation” to seek inputs and suggestions from various stakeholders in designing its Agro-Eco-Edu Tourism program.

Through its five decades of legacy and the significant contributions to saving biodiversity and conserving the ecosystem, SEAMEO BIOTROP has been developing valuable herbarium collections of weeds, trees and invasive plants as well as a high-value collection of fungi, insects and storage pests for research and testing purposes. These valuable and historic collections of biodiversity need to be preserved and better managed in digital format to make information available to researchers and the general public around the world.

In realizing its missions, SEAMEO BIOTROP has been disseminating knowledge and information on tropical biology through various methods, such as exhibitions, scientific visits, the displays of SEAMEO BIOTROP’s technologies, research results, and programs.  

To increase the awareness of the general public about saving biodiversity, SEAMEO BIOTROP also conducted SEAMEO BIOTROP Batik Design Competition from April to May 2022. This competition was held to obtain batik designs that can depict the tagline of “Save Biodiversity: From Mountain to Ocean”. There were 67 batik designs submitted, with the winner coming from Universitas Sanata Dharma.

Let’s work smarter and collaborate to Save Biodiversity for future generations!

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