BIO Courier Vol. 25 No. 1 2023

Knowledge Management, Publication, and Communication Unit, 2023


Greetings from SEAMEO BIOTROP, Indonesia! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. January 2023 marked the new normal and the new SEAMEO BIOTROP. The covid pandemic has been declared as endemic and therefore, a lot more activities can be carried out, especially field activities. Along with the changes to the new normal era, many changes happen in SEAMEO BIOTROP to overcome the challenges and disruptions and establish solid connectivity with the international level. The changes in our Center are mainly to improve the management of human resources and financial and facilities management optimization. 

These changes were the implications for the issuance of Ministerial Decrees of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia regarding the host and home-based institution and the management of SEAMEO Center in Indonesia. In envisioning regional partnership on education toward Indonesia as ASEAN Presidency, SEAMEO BIOTROP increases its collaboration with institutions in the ASEAN Countries in the field of tropical biology. 

The tagline “Save Biodiversity from Mountains to Oceans” is being implemented in every existing partnership. We also held many webinars to share thoughts, ideas, and experiences in sustainably conserving biodiversity and mitigating the adverse impact of climate change. The implementation of Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka, especially for the Certified Internship for University Students (MSIB), BIOTROP has received the second batch of students from various universities across Indonesia. The launching of the Spring Course in collaboration with Hiroshima University has also been among the highlighted program of our Center. SEAMEO BIOTROP also actively participates in the SEAMEO CPRN, emphasizing the interrelationship between biodiversity and environmental education. We are now focusing our programs and activities to uplift the visibility of our institution. We are embracing each and every institution to set about the issues of climate change, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable usage of our natural resources. Let’s join hands to increase our awareness on any adverse changes in our environment, to save the Earth.

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