BIO Courier Vol. 25 No. 3 (Jul - Oct 2023) (2023)

KPCU Unit, 2023


In these times of rapid environmental and technological change, the role of education, particularly in the field of biodiversity, has never been more pivotal. As the Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP, I am proud to share with you the strides we are making in this vital area. In addition to our educational endeavors, SEAMEO BIOTROP has been actively engaged in practical applications of our research. Our work on phytoremediation in addressing heavy metals pollution from mining activities in Indonesia is a testament to our commitment to tackling environmental challenges headon.

We also convened the SEAMEO BIOTROP Special Governing Board Meeting in response to Indonesia’s new Ministerial Decree on the governance of SEAMEO Centres. This meeting was crucial for aligning our strategies with the evolving educational and research policies of the region.

Further enhancing our capabilities, we recently conducted an In-House Training on Photography and Drone Operations. This training not only equipped our team with essential skills in modern documentation techniques but also emphasized the importance of integrating technological advancements into our research and conservation efforts.

Another significant milestone was our collaboration with MABIC and ISAAA in hosting the 6th Asian Short Course on Agribiotechnology, Biosafety Regulation, and Communication. This course addressed critical biotechnology issues, fostering a deeper understanding and responsible communication in this field.

These activities reflect our holistic approach to biodiversity education. It’s not just about raising awareness; it’s about equipping individuals with the skills, knowledge, and perspective to make a tangible impact. By incorporating technological advancements, practical applications, and policy-oriented discussions into our programs, we are setting the stage for a more informed and proactive approach to biodiversity conservation.

As we continue our journey, we invite you to join us in this crucial endeavor. Your support and participation are vital in shaping a future where biodiversity is not just understood and appreciated but actively preserved and cherished.

Thank you for your unwavering support and engagement in these vital matters.

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