BIODIVERS Volume 1 No. 1: Climate Change and Coastal Resilience



BIODIVERS is a bio-science general audience magazine launched in December 2021 by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (SEAMEO BIOTROP). It is designed as a scientific publication to increase awareness on issues related to Tropical Biodiversity from the Mountain to the Ocean (MOTO) and increase biodiversity literacy.

BIODIVERS is a bi-annual publication that focuses on the Restoration and Conservation of Unique and Degraded Ecosystems, Sustainable of Management and Proper Utilization of Biodiversity, Bioenergy, Biotechnology to Support Food Security and on Strengthening Ecosystem Resilience in Facing Global Climate Change. This magazine also envisions becoming a popular scientific magazine for promoting and publishing research findings of scientists from SEAMEO BIOTROP and overseas. The articles will come from writers worldwide.

This issue of BIODIVERS contains various articles addressed the issue on climate change and coastal resilience, including:
  • Coastal and Marine Initiative to Climate Change: An Outlook
  • Environment Vulnerability Decision Technology (EVDT): Mangrove Management
  • Spatial Planning Based Ecosystem Adaptations in Indonesia
  • GOI Initiatives Against Potential Risk of Climate Change Impact in Indonesia
  • Extreme Climates in Coastal Cities
  • Marine and Coastal Monitoring: Nanosatellites Technology

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