BIOTROP Courier Vol. 21 No.4 (Oct - Dec 2019)

Knowledge Management Department, 2019


For the last issue of this year, we summarized the implementation of our 2019 SMARTS-BE programme. We continued to encourage vocational high schools to develop entrepreneurship skill and to conserve vegetable and fruit species at once. We also conducted a Focus Group Discussion participated by school teachers to develop human resources toward industry 4.0. We are pleased that six schools joining SMARTS-bE programme were awarded as a model school, while another school obtained 2019 Bhakti Tani Award.

As proof of our commitment to support the Indonesian Government (GoI), we gathered experts and held a workshop on strategy for strengthening the water management and coastal ecosystems in Indonesia's coastal areas and small islands. Our another contribution to the GoI was by conducting a training course on supplying Cottonii seaweed seedlings using tissue culture techniques for twenty-six Central SUlawesi Marine and Fisheries Service staff. It is well-noted that our Centre is the first one which develops seaweed tissue culture technology in Asia.

Throughout the last quarter of this year, we broaden our collaboration with other five institutions. We also continued to receive visitors from various institutions to learn our technologies and knowledge. In addition to delivering our knowledge, we had a media day by inviting the media to let them know deeper about our expertise and inform it to society.

These activities made the last quarter of this year memorable to us. We wish all our readers a productive year ahead of us.

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