BIOTROP Courier Vol. 23 No.1 (Jan - Mar 2021)

Knowledge Management Department, 2021


The legacy that has been built by the previous leaders contributed significant impacts to the development of education, especially in tropical biology areas in the Southeast Asian region. Thus, to continue the Center’s achievements, breakthrough programs and activities are initiated in 2021 through the BID 100 SEAMEO BIOTROP to enrich Biodiversity.

“BIODIVERSITY” is the keyword for SEAMEO BIOTROP to prepare its excellent programs and “Collaboration” is the key strategy to implement the programs. Started by organizing a Virtual Discussion between SEAMEO BIOTROP, IPB   University and 23 universities from the Philippines on 8 January 2021, to seek  potential mutual multi-parties collaborations on research, human resources development and information dissemination activities.  It has been linked to the policy of the Government of Indonesia about Merdeka Belajar dan Kampus  Merdeka (MBKM).

In order to support the MBKM of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, the seven SEAMEO Centers in Indonesia conducted a virtual webinar with the theme “SEAMEO Outlook Pendidikan 21” on Saturday, 6 February 2021.  This event was participated by over 600 individuals from diverse stakeholders. This interesting activity aimed to provide an outlook on various synergies conducted by the seven SEAMEO Centers in Indonesia to support the programs of MoEC, involving schools, universities, colleges, and other  stakeholders. It will be a new tradition in SEAMEO Regional Centers in Indonesia to deliver ideas and search the opportunities on what they should do for education development.  It will also match the collaboration with local governments in Indonesia.

SEAMEO BIOTROP was also honored to have been visited by Mr. H. Rusdy Mastura, the Governor of Central Sulawesi Province on 16 February 2021. During the visit, SEAMEO BIOTROP and the Governor of Central Sulawesi Province recognized the potential for collaboration in economic and environmental issues in Central Sulawesi. This collaboration is expected to be mutually beneficial for both parties.

Finally, as the last event in the first quarter of 2021, SEAMEO BIOTROP conducted an online Regional Training Course on 29 - 31 March 2021 with the theme “The New Concept of Weeds and Their Management”. The event is an implementation program to propose the new concept of weed management.  A total of 215 participants from various countries joined the training course. Staring this year, SEAMEO BIOTROP will continue to achieve new legacies while walking through innovative paths to the future.

The Center will continue its efforts to enhance the Center’s visibility, not only  regionally but also internationally. Find more interesting news in this issue, only for our valued readers. Have a nice day, stay healthy and happy to face new challenges in the future! We are open to inviting more partners to save our biodiversity for ALPHA Generation.

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