BIOTROP Courier Vol. 24 No.3 (Juli - Sep 2022)

KPCU, 2022


Greetings from SEAMEO BIOTROP

To gain more insights into the exemplary good practices of sustainable biodiversity management in Southeast Asia, we visited several sites in the area surrounding Bogor. Urban Bee Teuweul is one example of such practices. Located in the urban area of Bogor City, Urban Bee Teuweul nurtures stingless bees and various flora and fruit trees as the feed source for the bees.  This system is beneficial for both the farmers and the surrounding biodiversity. Adhya Mandita Farm showcases the good practices of integrating fisheries and technology, which is exhibited through automated feeding system and the utilization of solar panel system, as renewable energy, to provide the power for operating the feeding system. SMKN 2 Subang presents a good example of excellent teaching and learning methods that bring out students’ skills in becoming entrepreneurs and in managing factories for producing various agriculture derivative products.

To manage the innovation and creative capacity buildings based on customer and market needs, SEAMEO BIOTROP collaborated with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of IPB University in conducting SEMIRATA 2022 in conjuction with the 6th International Seminar on Science, the 5th International Conference on Science and Technology, and the 13th International Fundamental Science Congress. We are proud to facilitate 48 university students from 21 universities across Indonesia as part of the Certified Internship and Independent Study Program (MSIB) Batch 3 in SEAMEO BIOTROP. During the 4-month program, participants get lectures, as well as hands-on practices on various skills in ecosystem management and technology utilization to support the maintenance of the environment and organisms. Students get 20 credits in their study program after completing this internship program.

SEAMEO BIOTROP scientific visit program has been reopened, and we are honored by the visit of the representatives from the Pangasinan State University, as well as the former ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Japan and PT Okal Group Indonesia. Facilitated by Dr Aldrin Darilag, one of our Governing Board Member, SEAMEO BIOTROP also initiated a meeting with Davao-based State Universities and Colleges through virtual conference.

In this edition we would like to present short stories on shoebill stork bird and honeypot ants and their unique characteristics. We hope that you enjoy reading this edition of BIOCourier.

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