BIOTROP Courier Vol. 26 No.1 (Jan - Apr 2024)

KPCU Unit, 2024


Dear Valued Readers,

Welcome to another edition of the BIOCourier. This quarter, SEAMEO BIOTROP has been active in advancing our mission in tropical biology research and education. We launched the Agro Eco Edu Tourism Program, integrating dynamic, nature-based education into our traditional learning paradigms. This initiative aims to foster a deeper connection with nature among students and educators.

Our work in DNA fingerprinting continues to evolve, providing valuable insights into individual genetic diversity and relationships. This technology is instrumental in biodiversity conservation and forensic science.

The SEAMEO BIOTROP Service Laboratory has successfully undergone its second surveillance assessment by the National Accreditation Committee for ISO/IEC 17025:2017 compliance. This demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high standards of laboratory excellence and quality management.

We welcomed the sixth batch of students to the Certified Internship and Independent Study Program (MSIB). These students are engaging in hands-on learning in fields such as Plant Biotechnology, Tropical Biodiversity Management, Sustainable Urban Agriculture, and the Management of Sub-Optimal Land, providing them with practical experience to shape their future careers.

In March, we hosted delegates from Türkiye and Malaysia, strengthening our international collaborations in biodiversity conservation and innovative research on invasive species. These partnerships are essential for addressing global environmental challenges through collective knowledge and expertise.

Thank you for your continued support. Warm regards,

Dr. Zulhamsyah Imran

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