Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation Actions: A Lesson Learned from East Lombok

Perdinan, Ikrom Mustofa, Syafararisa Dian Pratiwi, Sabilla Cahyaning Janna, Suvany Aprilia, Nanang S Dirja, Ela Nurhayati, Lilik Triyanto, Zul Ashfi Mendrofa, 2023


Community-based Climate Change Adaptation Actions is an approach to allow local community involved in the practices and planning of activities. This book provides lesson learned of community-based CCA in East Lombok Regency, Nusa Tenggara Barat Province. Intervention program in East Lombok was conducted in 15 months and supported by the Islamic Relief Indonesia and implemented by KONSEPSI. 

The main objective of the intervention program was to provide knowledge, information and strategies for the society (males and females), rainfed agriculture farmers, lobster farmers, and salt farmers in East Lombok Regency, Nusa Tenggara Barat Province in practicing their rights to receive supports from the Government of Indonesia for adapting to climate change and making their live more sustainable. The intervention program designed two aspects of activities through: 1) a pilot community-based climate school, and 2) advocacy for climate change adaptation.

The results of the endline study were obtained by data analysis in the form of data cleaning and scoring answers from selected respondents. In addition, the baseline and PCVA studies were also conducted prior to designing and implementing the intervention program. The results of the CCA intervention program showed good impacts on farmers, namely most farmers have access to climate data and information, the existence of “Sekolah Lapang Iklim” to increase the knowledge of the communities regarding the influence of climate on each sector. The CCA intervention program was succeeded in increasing females’ participation in agricultural activities as well as in product sales and decision-making activities.

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