Proceeding of the Southeast Asian Workshop on Aquatic Weeds

M. Soerjani, C. Parker, S. Tjitrosemito, G.E. Allen, C.K. Varshney, D.S. Mitchell, J.V. Pancho , 1974


Proceeding of the Southeast Asian Workshop on Aquatic Weeds
Malang, Indonesia, 25 - 29 June 1974

About 95 people engaged in the study of water weeds and associated problems gathered at the Karangkates Dam Site near Malang, East Java, indonesia, to share ideas and formulate proposals on this subject. The discusstion took the form of contributed research papers summarized in plenary sessions and small working groups which met to discuss the specific aspects. The wrokshop was organised by BIOTROP (Regional Centre for Tropical Biology) of SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization) in cooperation with the Brantas Multipurpose project and was opened by His Excellency the Minister of Public Works and Electric Power of Indonesia, Mr. Soetami.

The workshop was part of a long term cooperative effort between BIOTROP and the Brantas Multipurpose Project in the ecological studies of a dam covering the periods of planning, implementation, inundation and exploitation which may in the future serve as a practical example of a mutual cooperation between engineers, hydrologists and ecologists.

Participants in the workshop came from all of the SEAMEO member countries and likewise included ten visiting experts from outside the region, i.e. from India, Japan, the Netherlands, Sri Langka, U.K. and U.S.A.

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