Proceedings of National Seminar on Land Restoration for Sustainable Land Productivity

Editor: Dewi Wulandari, 2017


The National Seminar on "Land Restoration for Sustainable Land Productivity" was held on 26-27 September 2016 in Bogor, West Java Province, indonesia. This seminar was aimed to provide a venue for the participants from universities, research institutions and government institutions to communicate recent issues, research gaps and possible solutions to land degradation.

The seminar was organized to gather the national community in a common platform where the scientists, researchers, and academicians focusing on ecological restoration from Indonesia presented their principal works. This effort would greatly improve the expansion, extension and development of the participant's knowledge and insights into challenges currently being addressed in the research. This seminar provided a place to discuss a wide range of problems encountered and experienced in present and future technologies among the researchers.

Themes covered in this seminar were: 1. Utilization of soil microorganisms to enhance land productivity of degraded land; 2. Soil physics and chemical improvement to enhance land productivity of degraded land; and 3. Plant and plant breeding as bioremediation apporach. Papers in this proceeding were selected after peer-review. It is our expectation that this proceeding would be an excellent reference of scientific information for researchers, government, academicians, stakeholders and people who have concern on restoration of degraded land.

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