Proceedings Symposium on Forest Pests and Diseases in Southeast Asia

Editors: Hadi S, Tarumingkeng RC, Suratmo FG, Eusebio MA, Kirtibutr N, Dhanarajan G. , 1977


This volume contains papers presented at the Symposium on Forest Pests and Diseases in Southeast Asia held on April 20-23, 1976 in Bogor, Indonesia. Also included in this proceedings are papers by Dr. Bimal K. Bakshi, Forest Research Institutes and Colleges, Dehra Dun, India, and Dr. Norman E. Johnson, Weyerhaeuser Company, Far Eastern Region, Balikpapan, Indonesia, who unfortunately were unable to attend the Symposium. Discussions, following presentation of each paper, are also recorded in this proceedings.

The Symposium is sponsored by BIOTROP (SEAMEO Regional Center for Tropical Biology) and organized in ooperation with the Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, Indonesia.

The members of the Steering Committee of the Symposium who edited the proceedings wish to express their thanks to Dr. D.E. Etheridge, Forest Pathologist from Canada for his assistance in editing, and to Miss Lilian B. Ungson and Mr. Tri Binarko Suselo for proofreading.

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