Proceedings: Symposium on Management of Forest Production in Southeast Asia

K. Eadkeo, S. Hadi, L. Chuntanaparb, S. Wacharakitti, S. Sukwong, P. Sanuhalu, U. Kutintara, G. Dhanarajan, E. D. de Guzman, S. Mungkorndin, L. B. Ungson , 1977


This volume contains papers presented at the Symposium on Management of Forest production in Southeast Asia held on April 19-22, 1977 in Bangkok, Thailand. Also included in this proceedings are volunteered papers. Discussions, following presentation of each paper, are also recorded in this proceeding.

The Symposium is sponsored by BIOTROP and organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailnd.

The Editorial Staff of the Symposium's Proceedings expresses its thanks to Dr. Cherukat Chandrasekharan, Regional Forestry Economist, FAO Regional Office, Phra Atit Road, bangkok, Thailand for his invaluable suggestions.

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