Serangan Cendawan dan Kontaminasi Mikotoksin pada Kacang Tanah, Jagung dan Sorgum, serta Pencegahan dan Pengendaliannya

Okky Setyawati Dharmaputra, Nijma Nurfadila, Santi Ambarwati, Ina Retnowati, 2021


Foodstuffs are prone to damages by rats, insects, mites, microorganisms (especially fungi) during storage. In general, storage fungi attacking foodstuffs are grouped into field fungi and postharvest fungi. Some fungi species produce mycotoxins that affect the health of humans and pets. It is important to improve efforts in preventing and controlling fungi and mycotoxins in foodstuffs during the postharvest and storage processes. This book was written because there are still not many books that specifically discuss fungal attacks and mycotoxin contamination in foodstuffs. This book specifically discusses fungal attack and mycotoxin contamination and its prevention and control in peanuts, corn, and sorghum. This book is expected to provide an understanding to the public, especially for scientists, academics, collectors, retailers, wholesalers, importers, and exporters, as well as the food and feed industries regarding the factors that influence fungal growth in foodstuffs during the storage and proper methods to be applied in ensuring food safety.

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