Promoter Region Features of Myxovirus (Mx) Resistance Gene 1 of Indonesian Local Chickens 2
M. Ulfah, D. Perwitasari, Jakaria, Muladno, A. Farajallah

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2014


This study sequenced Mx cDNAs of Indonesian local chickens (ARB, KPg, and WLK), commercial chickens highly selected for meat (BRO) and egg production (LYR), and 2 jungle fowls  (AHH and AHMj) for promoter, 5’UTR and exon 1 region. The predicted promoter region that initiates transcription of Mx gene of Indonesian local chicken has 521 bp length. This is the first finding of the GAAA, CAAT and TATA-like box, the polyadenylation site (AATAAA), SP1-binding site, interferon stimulating response (ISRE1) and ISRE2 in the promoter regions of Mx  gene of Indonesian local chickens. Twenty five (25) sites of mutation were observed in promoter region and open reading frame (ORF) of Mx gene of Indonesian local chickens. Further work, however, needs to be done to define the function of those sequence in chicken. We suggested that  the breeding program, farming system and viral infection may contributes to the variation of nucleotide mutations in the promoter region of Mx gene of Indonesian local chickens. Predicted SNPs found in the promoter region may have a potency as candidate SNPs to confirm the accuracy of identified SNPs and also investigate the influence of Mx gene haplotipe on chicken resistance to 26 viral infection and some quantitative traits.

Keywords: Indonesian local chicken, Mx gene, promoter, 5’UTR, exon 1, SNPs 29

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