The Physical and Mechanical Properties Three Species of Styrax Wood From North Tapanuli
A. H. Iswanto, A Susilowati, I Azhar, Riswan, Supriyanto, J. E. Tarigan

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2015


The objective of this research was to evaluate of physical and mechanical properties three species of Styrax wood origin from North Tapanuli. Plants age for samples were more than 15 years old. Small clear specimen test based on BS-373 standard for physical properties parameters such as specific gravity, green moisture content, and volume shrinkage.  Furthermore, the mechanical properties test included of modulus of rupture, modulus of elasticity, compression parallel to grain and hardness.  The results showed that According to stem direction, edge section had better properties compared to near pith section.  While for base section had better properties than upper section.  Based on that specific gravity, all of the Styrax wood in this research was classify into III-IV strength classes.  Styrax wood had good dimensional stability, it showed by the tangential and radial ratio value reached of one.  According to the mechanical properties, styrax wood was suitable use for raw materials of light consttruction, furniture and handy craft.

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