Validation Species of Haliotis Squamata Based on Characteristics Molecular Genetic Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit I (Coi)
S. Bachry, D. D. Solihin, R. Gustiano, K. Soewardi, N. Alias Butet

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2015


Haliotis squamata is a species of abalone that is found in Indonesian marine waters. H. squamata is difficult to distinguish with H. diversicolor diversicolor Korean from morphology such as shell, thus causes the mistake in identification. Molecular identification with using marker such as Cytochrome Oxidation I (COI) is necessary to distinguish between intra-species and inter-species of H. squamata. The aim of this study was to validate of abalone H. squamata in Indonesia with markers COI as barcoding species. The phylogenetic tree showed that H. squamata from Indonesia is different from H. diversicolor diversicolor. The nucleotide sequences of H. squamata have a length bases 581 bp with 12 nucleotide substitutions. Four haplotypes were found from four locations in Java and Bali. It showed polymorphism of H. squamata in the intra-species from four locations: Banten, West Java, East Java and Bali. COI gene has been successfully to validation species of abalone H. squamata in Indonesia. Species populations of  H. squamata in Bali showed high genetic diversity.

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