Red Dragon Fruit Powder as a Basic Ingredient For Functional Food Rich in Bioactive Compounds And Nutritional Substances Planted in Bogor
T. R. Saridewia, A. Fauzib, S Hadic, and I. W. Rusastrad

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2015


The Implemention of PES in Indonesia is expected to be a priority policy in the future to tackle the conflict between the upstream and downstream area of Ciliwung watershed. These efforts are marked in the Republic of Indonesia law number 32 year 2009 about regulation of the protection and management of natural environment. The existing problem is no clear definition and study for the operational implementation of these law and an investigation was necessary to be conducted. A descriptive analysis in the frame of Ostrom IAD was used to answer the challenge of PES scheme implementation in Ciliwung watershed. The results showed that several regulations that connected to the Ciliwung watershed management were very complex, but it did not explain the contribution of the community to the aggregation rules dan scopes rules. Both rules must exist to enhance community trust toward the importances of their involvements to succeed the program implementation

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