Recovery Indicator Index of Post Mining Reclamation : A Study Case At PT. Bukit Asam Mining Area
Prof. Dr. Ir. Lilik Budi Prasetyo, MSc, Dr. Himlal Bharat, Dimaz Danang Al-Reza S.Hut Dinar Adiatma S.Hut

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2016


The disturbance of forest from human activities leads to the repercussion to flora, fauna and sustainability of forest areas. One of the activity is mining, for example open pit mining. The environmental impact of this activity leads to massive land degradation and heavy environmental damages.

Therefore, each mining company must restore the forest or provide a reclamation in ex-mining areas. This research is aimed to develop the success indicator index of post mining reclamation based on several factors, namely, carbon stock, leaf area index (LAI), top atmospheric temperature (TOA), diversity of vegetation, diversity of bird and soil microorganism.

The result shows that the highest reclamation index is located in reclamation area 1995 about 0.606, while the lowest index value is in reclamation area 2013 about 0.247. In addition, the success indicator index of post mining recovery based on priority ranks are including H’ value of vegetation, leaf area index (LAI), IS value of vegetation, soil microorganism, air temperature, carbon stock, IS value of bird, and H’ value of bird respectively.

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