Exploration of Endophytic Bacteria Originated From Mangrove (Avicenia Spp) Serving as Plant Growth Promoter and Biocontrol Agent of Plant Pathogen
Dr. Ir. Abdul Munif M.Sc.Agr (Koordinator), Muhammad Firdaus Oktafiyanto, SP, Deden Dewantara Eris, SP

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2016


Exploration of mangrove endophytic bacteria derived from 4 sampling collected 843 isolates. A total of 206 isolates of endophytic bacteria (including 6 isolates consortium) obtained from the Village Karangsong Indramayu, 229 isolates of endophytic bacteria (including 6 isolates consortium) Baros Bantul, Village Tirtohargo Yogyakarta, 208 isolates of endophytic bacteria (including 6 isolates consortium) obtained from the Nature Park Angke Kapuk Jakarta and 200 isolates of bacteria (including 6 isolates consortium) were obtained from the National Park Alas Purwo Block Bedul. Isolates showed a high diversity and abundance. The isolates were tested for biological security, there were 60 isolates of endophytic bacteria origin Indramayu, 132 isolates of endophytic bacteria origin of Yogyakarta, 101 isolates of endophytic bacteria from Jakarta and 107 which were passed the test of biosafety. On growing on test endophytic bacteria isolates Yogyakarta YA1N2-7 produce the tallest plant height 33.875 cm followed BR1T2-4 Banyuwangi isolate with 32.58 cm and isolates Yogyakarta YA2K2-5 with 32.35 cm. The highest antagonism capability obtained in the observations of Yogyakarta YR1T2-9 with a value of 65.625%, YA1T2-6 with 58. 333% and YA1K5-7 with 52 .632%. Three isolates from Yogyakarta and 1 Banyuwangi isolate have stronger ability to dissolve phosphate than other isolates of endophytic bacteria. The isolates were YA1K5-7, YA2K2-5, YA1K2-5 (Yogyakarta) and BR1K5-4 (Banyuwangi). Four isolates from Yogyakarta and 1 isolate Banyuwangi can fix N, they were YA1K5-7, YR1N2-3, YR2N5-1, YA1T2-6 (Yogyakarta) and BA2T5-7 (Banyuwangi). In IAA production, isolate from Yogyakarta YA2K2-5 (46.97059 ppm) is the highest IAA production. Isolates with highest chitinolytic and proteolytic activity were obtained from Yogyakarta YA1K2-5 and YA1K2-3. Good capability isolates in promoting growth in vitro and pathogen inhibition which were originated from Yogyakarta were related to the quality of mangrove ecosystems. Yogyakarta and Banyuwangi mangrove ecosystem is a protected mangrove ecosystem / not disturbed than other mangrove ecosystem in the research. Mangrove ecosystems are not only as shelter for  macro-organisms but also for millions of microorganisms which are beneficial to humans.

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