Screening of Beneficial Soil Microorganism Collected From Post Tin Mining
Dewi Wulandari, C.A.Risa Rosita, Ssi. Sunardi Ikay

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2017


Mining, including tin mining, is considered as critical factor destroying ecosystem leads to the major deleterious soil quality in affected area in all over the world. It is urgently a must to develop environmental friendly technology to reclaim mining impacted area to be suitable and productive for further potential use after mining. Beneficial soil microorganism i.e.: mycorrhizal fungi, Rhizobium sp., and phosphate solubilizing microorganism are well-known in providing additional available nutrient for plant. This research aimed (1) to select beneficial soil microorganism collected from post tin mining area based on their ability in increasing nutrient availability, solubility, in improving nutrient uptake, and increasing plant growth, (2) to get the best isolate of beneficial soil microorganism collected from post tin mining area. There were three groups of beneficial microorganisms used: (1) Three type of Rhizobium; (2) 17 type of P-solubilizing microorganisms; (3) arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. All collected beneficial microorganisms were screened for its ability in improving plant growth and development by inoculate it into seedlings. For early screening, sterilized sand was used the growth media. For early evaluation of these microorganisms, tin tailing and tin tailing+10% compost were used as the growth media. The results exhibited that all inoculation of Rhizobium significantly increased growth of Paraserianthes falcataria when growing in tin tailing+10% compost. P-solubilizing microorganism significantly enhanced growth of Eucalyptus pellita when growing in both tin tailing and tin tailing with additional of 10% compost. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi only increased Eucalytus pellita when growing in tin tailing. These results imply that selection of native beneficial microorganisms may be a promising method in developing biotechnology for restoration of degraded mining area.

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