Characterization of Soil Biophysicochemical Properties and Collection of Beneficial Soil Microorganisms Potential to restore Post-Gold Mining Area in Indonesia and Phillipine
Happy Widiastuti Dewi Wulandari Joy Zarate

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2017


Gold mining is an important in economic booster in enhancing the devisa of the country both of Indonesia and phillipine. However, the gold mining activities resulting contaminated soil. The concept of using plants for environmental remediation has been intensively researched. Phytoremediation embraces an array of low-cost plant-based technologies that could be potentially advantageous for remediation of gold ex mining. A research has been conducted to explore the microbial in the land of ex gold mining. Three activities was done i.e . exploration, selection and assessement of the activity of the selected microbe. The result showed that in most of the sample , there are microbe that function as P solubilizer, N fixing, growth promote, arbuscular mycorrhizal anf Rhizobium . Phytoremediation of the soil tailing showed that in medium with the composition of soil and compost and  medium with the composition of soil, compost and zeolite showed that sengon more respons to microbial inoculation than sorghum in term of growth of plant, and the number of leaf. The result could be continued by tested the microbe in the field.  

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