Extraction and Identification of Pheromone Compounds From Major Insect Pests On Stored Coffee Beans
Dr. I. S. Harahap,Ir.sri widayanti,T. A.widinni Asnan.M,Si HerniWidhiastuti, S.Si Arif Nuryadin Heri Yanto

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2019


Insect pheromones have been proven to be effective as population monitoring tool or as population control agents of stored-product insects.  The objectives of this research were (1) to inventory the diversity of insect pest species in stored coffee beans, (2) to analyse the losses of dried coffee beans attacked by coffee bean weevils during storage and compares it with other products: dried cassava and cocoa beans, (3) to isolate and identify bio-active subtances (suspected to contain pheromones) from coffee bean weevil.  Field survey found that major pest of dried coffee beans during storage was coffee beans weevil, Araecerus fasciculatus.  Other insects found were Alphitobius sp., Lasioderma serricorne, and Ahasverus sp. with very low population.  The highest losses due to coffee bean weevil attact were dried cassava, followed by cocoa bean and coffee bean. Isolation of bio-active substances from coffee bean weevil found that squalene known as aggregation pheromone produce by this insect.  This chemical was isolated from mixture population of virgin male and female of coffee bean weevils with aeration method headspace sampling using charcoal tube

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