Management of School Garden Based On Student Participation by Youth Science Club Improving Inquiry and Entrepreneurship Skills In Smpn 1 Subang
Fera Maulidya Sukarno

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2019


School Garden Program is socialized by Ministry of Education and Culture so that schools in Indonesia start to plant vegetable and fruit plants to motivate students to be nutrition literate and resposible to the environment. In this research, School Gardens program is expected to be sustainable trough involving students, based on the participation of students who are members of the Youth Scientific Group Extracurricular (KIR). This program can also be a place for students’ scientific research because it is implemented through a STEM-mindset that develops the ability of self-confidence, where students are encouraged to work like scientists; ask research questions, formulate hypotheses, design and build hydroponic technology products, budget finance, analyze research results, harvest and sell vegetable products. Improved student inquiry skills recorded in the standard Science Process Skills Inventory (SPSI) assessment, with an average score of 25.27 at the time of the pretest, to 30.90 at the posttest. Through this program, students entrepreneurship also developed which captured through the Survey Entrepreneur Self Assessment instrument, recorded student entrepreneurship scores of 74.56 which were in the satisfactory category. The significance of this program for schools has a very good impact, because it synergizes with Adiwiyata schools, can realize a well-managed school garden

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