The Establishment of GREEN Integrated Model as a Promotion of Media Biodiversity, Food and Nutrition Sustainable for Students of Kota Kinabalu Indonesian School
N.Hanif, Supriyanto, S.Ito, S.Fatimah, A.A.Febriyanto, E.S.P.Nababan, R.B.Iskandar

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2021


Making an integrated model of GREEN media starts from formulating a garden concept, planning for making GREEN through Project Based Learning, preparing locations, tools and materials, as well as arranging for school community involvement in program making. The implementation stages start from the manufacture and processing of plantation planting media, sowing seeds, transferring, maintaining and monitoring developments, harvesting activities and promotion programs to school residents. The research methods designed include research design, setting, sample variation, data collection techniques, data analysis, and reporting. Experimental research design through Project Based Learning involving high school and vocational class X students in the SIKK Farm extracurricular program. The tools and materials used are manure, fish seeds, fish feed, seedling trays, polybags, and vegetable seeds and other agricultural equipment. The study was conducted at the Indonesian School of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. The number of samples studied were 34 people from class X MIPA, X SMK Tata Catering, and X SMK Hospitality. Data collection techniques using Likert Scale questionnaire instruments, interviews, and pretest-posttest (OGDE). The collected data were analyzed using the statistical description method. The integrated model GREEN media can improve student learning outcomes from an average score of 64.85 to 76.77 in knowledge of biodiversity, food and nutrition. In general, students gave feedback that making the integrated GREEN model was interesting and easy. Most of the students agreed that the GREEN model was integrated as a medium for promoting biodiversity, food and providing new learning experiences based on school gardens as well as increasing activities. In addition, it can provide nutritional intake of fruits and vegetables.


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