Making a Simple Distillate Prototype for the Development of an Essential Oil Business at Agricultural Vocational Schools
Anas, Roynisfan, A.Kadir

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2021


The high price of flute equipment used by schools for practical activities has caused schools and students to be lazy to carry out practical activities, especially for agriculture-based vocational high schools, one solution that can be given for this is how to load simple tools for distillation that can be made. by schools with low costs both in terms of manufacturing costs and refining costs so that it will encourage students to carry out practical activities in refining certain oils to be able to produce other derivative products.

So here we have tried to make a simple distiller with a capacity of five kilos for one distillate material and can produce 3-4 ml of oil so that in terms of operational costs the available raw material funds can be adjusted to their availability.

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