Feasibility of Payment Watershed Services Development in Register 19 Forest Area,Lampung Province
C. Wulandari, S. B. Yuwono, P. Budiono, S. Herwanti

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2013


Way Betung watershed which flow through the forest areas of Register 19 is one of the right areas for the development of Payment for Watershed Services (PWS) because the fluctuation of maximum/ minimum flow discharge of Way Betung watershed was relatively large (> 30) and it was the water sources for local water company (PDAM) of the provincial capital or Bandarlampung. Research was conducted on 270 samples in May to November 2013 in Way Betung watershed, forest area of register 19 in Lampung Province.The methods were RHA, WTP, WTA, social analysis, policy analysis and risk management. Based on the results, it is known that (1) The need for clean water in the city of Bandar Lampung in 2002 was 36.4 million m3/year. (2) The communities are payment WTA in cash IDR 300,000 but also able to be paid in the form of in-kind such as providing trainings of silviculture treatments. (3) Based on economic analysis, the household consumers, PDAM, hotels, and drinking water companies indicated WTP the water services to communities in the upstream by IDR 5,000 per month. (4) Water management policy in Register 19 has not been run well until now.

Key words: Payment for Environmental Services, WTA, WTP, Water Regulation

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