Net Primary Production (NPP) Spatial Distribution and Dynamic Simulation of C based Valuation Model for Kalimantan Island, Indonesia

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2011


Studying the response of NPP to the environment could help in understanding the functions of an ecosystem and its feedback to the changes in climate and social environment. NPP values could be used as basis for estimating the impacts of both natural disturbances and management activities on forest productivity, assessing the effect of climate change on forests, and describing the important role of forests in greenhouse-gas reduction achievement. The higher the NPP value means a higher economic value also for a particular ecosystem.

The model developed by BIOTROP could be considered as a preliminary model on calculating the value of carbon concentration in Kalimantan Island. The model was based on satellite images of the island covering the period from 2000 to 2010. This research project was a continuation of the previous study conducted for Sumatra island which also used the same methodology to get the NPP profiles. Though the model needs further validation and additional indicators to make it more comprehensive, it could already be used, however, as a basic decision tool by relevant government agencies in determining the carbon trade value for Indonesia. BIOTROP hopes to do the same study for Sulawesi, Java and Papua islands integrate the results into a book that could contain complete NPP maps for the whole Indonesia.
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