Biodiesel from Indigenous Indonesian Marine Microalgae, Nanochloropsis sp.
D. Susilaningsih

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2008


An addition the starches of corn were increasing the lipid content in the Nannochloropsis sp. cells and accelerate the growth. The algal cells of Nannochloropsis sp. with 15-30 % of lipid content were directly converted into oil for biodiesel purposes by extraction and esterification, trans-esterification processes. The yield was about 15-33% base on lipid content. The oil obtained at the reaction and conversion has viscosity around 220-280 mPas and the calorific value of 22-28 kJg-1, comparable to palm oil biodiesel but less than the fuel oil. Scale up the cultivation into 15 L culture vessel revealed the decline of the dry weight biomass and also oil recovery.

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