Waste bark utilization for community development
H. Affandi

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2007


People in the Industrial Forest Plantations are aware that their existence depend much on fulfilling the increasing wood demand for growing forest industries in Indonesia. Therefore, the Indonesian people in general, and bordering populations nearby in particular, should get benefits from the presence of these industrial forest plantations.   Up to this stage, no effort has been made to use the bark as the by-products of pulp industries in Industrial Forest Plantations, to become valuable products, except for energy purposes. The remaining barks remain scattered in the area, piling up and unused thus, creating a problem in the vicinity and its removal becomes a burden for the forest industry.  
This project offers to use the by-products of pulp industries in Industrial Forest Plantations to produce valuable products such as tannin, adhesive material, organic fertilizer and pelleted feed.  The emerging technology is expected to be adopted and operated by the communities nearby for their own benefit.   It will help them realize that they can derive additional sources of income and be able to create more jobs for those living in the periphery of the forest. The communities will then realize that the Industrial Forest Plantations present in their locality have to be appreciated because they may help support their future generations.

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