Assessment of Population Structure and Genetic Diversity of The Indigenous Chicken Breeds in Indonesia and Malaysia to Support their Sustainable Utilization
M. Ulfah, H. Achmad, A. Farajallah, AK. Alfiyan, D.Novita

Source: SEAMEO BIOTROP's Research Grant | 2018


The indigenous chickens are generally differentiated from commercial modified genetic chickens such as widely known strains of Cobb, Hubbard, Hybro, Isa, Hyline and Hisex (Aini 1990; Azahan 1994; FAO 2008). The indigenous chickens play a very important role in the livelihoods of those people keeping them, mainly the small local farmers. These chickens have a multitude of functions, many cultural and traditional roles, food and income generation. These chickens are also well adapted with harsh conditions of local environment (FAO 2008; Sartika and Iskandar 2007). Such adaptation would be very important for further development of chicken breeding and utilization.
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