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The Development of Invasive Alien Plant Species Management In the Framework of Rehabilitation of Invaded Ecosystems at Gunung Gede and Pangrango National Park by: S. Tjitrosemito, I. Wahyuni Msi, S. Bachri, SS. Tjitrosoedirdjo

Chimonobambusa quadrangularis (Franceschi) Makino, is an invasive alien bamboo species, belonging to Poacae family, originated from China and Formosa (Suzuki 1978). However this species was introduced from Japan around 1920 to Cibodas Botanical Gardens (Widjaja 2001). It spreads vegetatively via the belowground rhizome carrying bud in each nodes. Mutaqien et al. (2011) suggested that this bamboo invaded Gunung Gede and Pangrango National Park, since this bamboo has been utilized as the fence separating the Cibodas Botanical Garden area. Driven by this recommendation activities were organized and researches were designed to study the control and the eradication of this bamboo. Read more...

Call for Journal Papersfor BIOTROPIA

SEAMEO BIOTROP invites submission of scientific manuscripts (Research Paper, Short Communication and Review Article) on tropical biology and related subjects to be published in its scientific journal called BIOTROPIA. Only manuscripts that have passed the external peer review shall be published. BIOTROPIA is a Scopus-indexed journal since 2012.

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